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Ph.D, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

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Pioneering the researches in Liquid Metal Biomaterials and Liquid Metal Soft Machines etc.

Prof. Jing Liu received his double bachelor’s degrees (B.E. in Engineering & B.S. in Physics) in 1992, and Ph.D. (in Engineering and Biomedicine) in 1996, all from THU. He had ever been a Post Doctorial Research Associate at Purdue University and a Senior Visiting Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was selected into “Hundred Talents Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1998) and Tsinghua University (2005) respectively. Prof. Liu is a recipient of numerous awards such as: The William Begell Medal, 2015 R&D 100 Awards Finalist, 2010-2011 Best Paper of the Year Award from ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, CCTV 2015 Top Ten Figures in Science and Technological Innovation, receiver of 2003 The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and ten times highest teaching awards from CAS and THU etc. Prof. Jing Liu works intensively at the interdisciplinary areas among liquid metals, biomedical engineering and thermal science and is an author of 17 popular books on cutting edge frontiers, over 500 peer reviewed journal articles (Over 40 selected as cover or back cover stories) and over 300 issued invention patents. He pioneered a group of very fundamental discoveries and technological breakthroughs covering liquid metal biomaterials, transformable liquid metal machines, liquid metal printed electronics and 3D printing, as well as liquid metal chip cooling etc. which were frequently featured over the world. Many of his inventions on liquid metal technologies and biomedical devices have been widely adopted in industry and by the society. Also, Dr. Liu proposed and helped initiate the China Liquid Metal Valley and the new industry therein.

Finding the ways to tackle disease and health care challenges from fundamentals to industrial practices

As an international pioneer, Prof. Liu’s work significantly promoted the prosperity of scientific research and applications of liquid metal science and technology. He helped initiate several new areas like: Liquid Metal Biomaterials, Liquid Metal Printed Electronics, LiquidMetalSoft Machines and Liquid Metal Chip Cooling etc. and systematically constructed the theoretical and applied technology system therein. His publications on a series of cutting-edge frontiers filled the gap of academic literature over the world.

Professor Liu's discoveries on numerous intriguing phenomena and basic effects of liquid metals refreshed people’s basic understandings on materials, fluidic matters and rigid machines. His contribution led to the creation of many unprecedented new materials, R&D and marketization of new equipment and products, as well as development of several newly emerging areas. He has also promoted the establishment of China Liquid Metal Valley and a number of enterprises and industrial clusters were then set up, which is expected to form a new industrial system. Prof. Liu’s researches were frequently featured by the top science news media such as: New Scientist,Technology Review,IEEE Spectrum,Chemistry World,Newsweek,Fox News,Discover,Daily Mail,CCTV etc. and generated extensive influence over the world.

In the bioheat transfer area, Professor Jing Liu also made pivotal contributions and systematic innovations. He was honored by the international heat transfer community for his "Outstanding contribution to the field of thermal science and technology" and won the William Begell Medal, one of the highest awards in the society (issued to only an individual every four years). He invented and developed a brand new tumor treatment equipment named as The Kang Bo Knife System, which combines for the first time the cryosurgical freezing therapy and high-temperature ablation capabilities together. This system got approved by the China Food and Drug Administration and was selected as innovative medical devices and excellent domestic medical devices. It has realized wide range clinical applications throughout more than 100 hospitals across the whole country, treated a huge number of tumor patients and generated extensive social and economic benefits.

During his long-term practice, Professor Jing Liu also originally put forward the proposal to administrate nationwide low-cost and inclusive medical and health care technology plan, and published the first ever cutting-edge books in the area: “Advanced Technologies for Low Cost Medicine” (2010) and “Biomedical Engineering on a Mobile Phone: Principle and Application” (2011), which promoted the prosperity of emerging disciplines and industries. A series of wireless medical devices developed from Prof. Liu’s lab have been translated into large-scale market use.

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