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LIU, Jing


    2008.8 – Present: Professor, School of Medicine, BME, Tsinghua University

    1999 .6 – 2008.8: Professor, Tech. Inst. Phys. Chem., Chinese Academy of Sciences

    2002.3 – 2002.6: Senior Visiting Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    1997.11 – 1999.6: Post Doc. Research Assoc., Purdue University

    1996.3 –1997.10: Assist. Professor, Tsinghua University

    1992.9 – 1996.2: Ph.D., Bioengineering & Thermal Science, Tsinghua University

    1989.9 – 1992.7: B.S., Physics, Tsinghua University

    1987.9 – 1992.7: B.E., Power Engineering & Control, Tsinghua University

Research Fields & Emphasis

Dr. Jing Liu works at the interdisciplinary areas among liquid metal, biomedical engineering and thermal science. He pioneered a group of very fundamental discoveries on liquid metal science and technologies which were frequently featured by world renowned scientific news medium such as New Scientist, MIT Technology Review, Nature etc. His works on liquid metal biomaterials, printed electronics, transformable soft machines and advanced chip cooling etc. initiated many game changing technologies which led to the initiation of the Liquid Metal Valley in China and incubation of a new industry of liquid metal. Dr. Liu’s inventions on many liquid metal technologies, the hybrid freezing-heating tumor therapy machine and a group of mobile health care devices have been widely used by the society. He is an author of sixteen popular books with one reprinted five times, over five hundred peer reviewed journal articles with over thirty selected as cover or back story, and holds more than 200 granted invention patents.

Academic Awards

    Dr. Jing Liu is a recipient of numerous awards like: The William Begell Medal (issued internationally to only an individual every four years), R&D 100 Awards Finalist, 2010-2011 Best Paper of the Year Award from ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, CCTV 2015 Top Ten Figures in Science and Technological Innovation, one of the Ten Major Scientific and Technological Progress News in China, and six times highest teaching award from Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

Key Words

Liquid metal; Biomedical instrumentation; Cryobiology; Tumor hyperthermia; Bioheat transfer; Mobile health care; Thermal science.

Selected Publications


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