Collaborated transformation

Exploring new medical knowledge and training medical talents has always been the glorious mission of Tsinghua University School of Medicine. The medical school has gradually shifted from focusing on frontier scientific research, focusing on the training of medical talents, to establishing a translational medicine platform and devoting itself to the all-round development of health communication. The School of Medicine has conducted in-depth cooperation with top academic institutions, medical institutions, governments, non-profit organizations, and enterprises at home and abroad in education, scientific research, and transformational innovation, contributing to the development of modern medicine and the construction of a healthy China.

·Government cooperation: For a long time, the medical school has worked hard to develop cooperative relations with various ministries and commissions of the State Council and various directly affiliated institutions as an important way to serve the construction of the country's "healthy China" and promote the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry. In recent years, the School of Medicine and the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) of the State Food and Drug Administration have jointly established the Medical Regulatory Science Research Center, and jointly launched the postgraduate training program with the Academy of Military Medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences. Strategic cooperation with government agencies has been achieved. Fruitful results and a lot of successful experience.

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·International cooperation: The medical school has introduced a large number of internationally outstanding senior professors and young researchers, and cooperated with top international medical schools and research institutes to jointly pursue breakthroughs in medical frontiers, and enhance the influence of Chinese medical academics and teaching in the world. School of Medicine and University of Melbourne School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Cornell School of Medicine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) McGovern Institute for Brain Science, Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, University of California, Berkeley The world’s top medical schools and research institutes have established cooperative partnerships to carry out extensive cooperation in the fields of MD/PhD education, post-doctorate training, academic exchanges, and subject research.

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·Hospital cooperation: The School of Medicine is determined to establish a disease-oriented research center with many excellent hospitals at home and abroad. While promoting the timely application of scientific research results in the clinic, it also timely feedbacks the problems arising in clinical application to the basic scientific research system. The School of Medicine has established a translational medicine alliance with Shandong Provincial Hospital, Anhui Provincial Hospital, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Hospital, Ningxia Medical University General Hospital, Jiangsu Subei People’s Hospital, and Yanbian University Affiliated Hospital to promote the development of translational medicine and talent training. In addition to the First Affiliated Hospital and Second Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Tsinghua University Chuiyangliu Hospital, Tsinghua University and Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Jishuitan Hospital, Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital), Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial The hospital, Beijing Institute of Neurosurgery (Tiantan Hospital Neurosurgery), Beijing Hospital, and China-Japan Friendship Hospital carry out teaching cooperation to cultivate outstanding doctors and researchers with solid clinical skills.

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·Enterprise cooperation: The School of Medicine has established special subject research centers with many international medical institutions and well-known companies to accelerate the resolution of technical problems in the medical academic field, learn from others, and contribute energy to the development of a healthy China. At present, the School of Medicine has cooperated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bayer Healthcare Co., Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline (China) Research and Development Co., Ltd., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Lu Daupei Institute of Hematology Co., Ltd., Aerospace Taixin Technology Co., Ltd., General Medical, American International Data Group (IDG), Belgium Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd., Siemens China Research Institute, Philips Asia Research Institute, FEI Company, Roche R&D (China) Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson (China) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Tengsheng Bo Yao Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have established cooperative relations to jointly carry out research projects or establish joint research centers.

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Under the guidance of national policies, the development of the new medical and health industry and the training of new medical talents are inseparable from the support of all sectors of society. The medical school sincerely invites entrepreneurs, investors and people with lofty ideals to cooperate with the medical school to support the new Medical innovation and modern medical talent education.

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