Funding for development of school

The breakthrough of the human genome, the advancement of medical imaging technology, and the rise of personalized medicine have shown us the bright prospects of human health protection and treatment of major diseases. Humans have never had such a deep understanding of life and full confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Tsinghua’s new century development plan puts the development of life medicine in a strategic position, especially to take advantage of the humanities of Tsinghua University of Technology to accelerate the transformation of basic medical science research results into clinical practice.

The second biological revolution provides new ideas and directions for the development of modern life sciences and medicine. The new 4P medical concepts are preventive, predictive, personalized and participatory. Promoting the development and transformation of clinical medicine. The medical and health reform that China is exploring and advancing has brought new challenges to medical education. Facing the new medical system, cultivating leading medical personnel with an international perspective has become a top priority for higher education in China.

The development of scientific research and the cultivation of talents are inseparable from financial support. Over the years, the development of the college has received support and generous donations from many alumni and the business community, the establishment of scholarships and grants, subsidies for student activities, internships, and support for the training of medical students and overseas exchange activities.

In order to further enhance the connection between alumni, the business community and the medical school, strengthen the management of various donations, and more effectively pool all forces and resources to help accelerate the development of Tsinghua Medicine, the Tsinghua University School of Medicine Development Fund has been established to promote the training of medical talents and disciplines. Construction and development.

【Main Project of Medical School Development Fund】

According to the development needs of the college, the following fund projects are proposed to be established under the Medical School Development Fund:

1. International first-class talent introduction fund: Master-level scholars are a sign of the strength of a university, high-level academic leaders are the core of the university's talent training and scientific research, and the talent introduction project fund is used to recruit international first-class medical scholars to give lectures and teach. Cooperate with the reform of the personnel system, enrich the departmental talent fund, cultivate and support the development of the internationally leading Tsinghua medical discipline.

2. Physician Scientist Talent Fund: The medical experiment class of Tsinghua University has an 8-year academic system, and cultivates innovative and high-quality Physician Scientists in accordance with international medical education standards, and becomes a leader in future medical development. To improve the quality of training and provide international vision and experience. In the experimental class student training plan, there are two years to receive translational medicine education and training in the United States or Australia’s first-class medical schools, during which the cost of learning and living costs are relatively high. The Physician Scientist Elite Project Fund is used to support medical experimental class students’ overseas study expenses and The cost of a dual degree program for some exceptionally outstanding students in top medical schools overseas.

3. Disciplinary Development Fund: used to support frontier research in key construction and development of disciplines, and to promote the experimentation and promotion of new therapies.

4. Diversified talent training fund: including various scholarships and grants programs, cultivate the leadership and overall quality development of outstanding students, and cultivate compound talents; support doctoral students and postdoctoral students to independently and independently carry out original research and explore scientific frontiers; Entrepreneurs among school students and young alumni provide innovation and entrepreneurship support.

5. Student Activity Fund: Support the construction of campus culture and the creation of an innovative atmosphere for medical students, and support the development of innovative and creative activities and projects for students.

6. Academic exchange fund projects: used to hold various academic forums and academic conferences at home and abroad; support students to participate in overseas research and international academic exchange activities, etc.

7. Career Development Support and Alumni Development Fund: Strengthen the construction of alumni network and alumni service platform, support various activities carried out by alumni associations, promote alumni cooperation and common development; invite well-known alumni back to school to hold career development salons, through targeted Employment training and internship practices enhance the employment competitiveness of fresh graduates.

8. Infrastructure construction fund: used for the improvement of medical school teaching and research implementation, including buildings, instruments and equipment, books and materials, etc.

9. Others: According to the specific requirements of the donor and in line with the relevant activities of the medical school construction and development, a special fund will be established under the college development fund project, and the special fund will be used for exclusive use.

[Fund donation method]

Enterprises, institutions and individuals from all walks of life, all alumni of the medical school, faculty and staff and students in the school can make donations to this fund. There is no limit to the amount of donations. You can donate in your own name or in the name of classes, units and other groups.

The soil is the mountain and the water is the sea. The medical school commemorates every initiator and supporter of the college development fund. Your little strength will become the driving force for Tsinghua Medical’s continuous advancement. We look forward to the enthusiastic participation of alumni and enterprises. .

Special reminder: If your donation amount reaches more than RMB 100,000, you need to sign a donation agreement. If you are interested in donating to the medical school, please contact the Medical School Cooperative Development Office:

Address: B102, Medical Science Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084

Phone: 86-10-62787861

Email: development_med@tsinghua.edu.cn

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Beijing Hongzhi Hechuang Technology Co., Ltd. donated the Dynamic Immunity Laboratory of Tsinghua University School of Medicine

Yakangbo Biotech donated to support the Healthy China Leadership Project of Tsinghua Medical College

Hainer Medical Trust-Yiyang Group donates to Tsinghua University

Donation for Chair Professor

Master-level scholars are a sign of the strength of a university, and high-level academic leaders are the core of the university's talent training and scientific research. In the past ten years, Tsinghua Medical College has introduced nearly a hundred leading talents and young scholars from home and abroad, and the number of national overseas high-level talents and professors ranks first in the school. In 2012, the medical school began to reform the personnel system, drawing on the experience of the first-class universities in the United States, establishing a team of professors with Tenure Track as the main body, recruiting the first batch of tenured professors, and forming an international faculty. With these high-level teachers as the core, eight key disciplines have been formed: molecular biology, immunology, tumor biology, infectious disease, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, clinical medicine and public health.

The chair professor system is a system innovation carried out by Tsinghua University in order to successfully introduce overseas high-end talents. Chair professors are the highest honor awarded to teachers by the university. The School of Medicine of Tsinghua University plans to hire 8 chair professors within five years, use social resources to attract world-class scholars, adhere to the direction of academicization and internationalization, and develop cutting-edge science, promote clinical research and cultivate cutting-edge talents for the development of academic medicine in China. Continuous breakthroughs have been made in the research and treatment of diseases, making contributions to society and mankind.

(1) Project mission:

Recruit world-class medical talents, cultivate and support the development of the world's leading medical disciplines at Tsinghua University.

(2) Extension request plan:



Molecular Biology

1) Internationally renowned scholars.

2) As an academic leader or professional backbone, carry out research topics that have a major impact on the frontiers of disciplines or the healthy development of the people, and contribute to the world-class development of related disciplines of Tsinghua University.


Tumor Biology

Infectious Diseases


Biomedical Engineering

(3) Funding and employment period:


1) The chair professor fund must be retained; the title professor fund can be retained or non-retained. The non-retained fund must be supported for at least 5 years, and the funding required for each term of appointment should be paid in full before the appointment;

2) The employment period is usually 5 years, and those who retire within 5 years will be employed as the remaining working years.

(4) Donation naming:

·School Chair Professors: Title + Basic Subjects + Chair Professors

·Department Chair Professors: Title + (Professional) + Chair Professors

·Department-titled professors: titled + (professional) + (assistant, associate) professors

Note: Before 2022, the chair professor fund will donate more than 10 million yuan, and the named professor will donate more than 5 million yuan. After consultation with the school and department, it is allowed to use the donor's personal or family member's name, institution, etc. , Or naming someone in honor of someone.

(5) Appointment process: