Medical Data Technology Research Center, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University-School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

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Medical Data Technology Research Center, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University


The Medical Data Technology Research Center of Tsinghua University School of Medicine (hereinafter referred to as the research center) is a scientific research institution jointly established by the Neural Engineering Laboratory and related units of the Tsinghua University School of Medicine. The research center implements the operating mechanism of "open, mobile, united, and competitive", aims at the frontiers of brain science related disciplines, selects characteristic topics, and focuses on the research and development of related academic fields of brain electricity big data cloud platform, and promotes the promotion, transfer and transfer of related science and technology. Application, while establishing and cultivating an excellent subject team.

The research center will rely on Tsinghua's advantages in the field of EEG to establish an EEG scientific research cloud platform, accumulate basic data for EEG in the application of algorithm analysis and artificial intelligence, and promote the development of brain-computer interface research. Secondly, in conjunction with EEG-related scientific research institutions, prepare to establish an EEG data alliance to further promote the collaborative development of brain-computer academic research and realize the collaborative development of industry, university, research and application. At the same time, it cooperates with advanced companies in the EEG field to establish an EEG business application cloud platform based on the EEG scientific research cloud and form a technology advancement alliance to push the latest achievements to application as soon as possible to realize the industrialization of scientific research results.

According to the research theme and direction, the research center has several joint research rooms. There are four research units: brain-computer interface research room, brain and medical research room, brain and health research room, brain and intelligent education research room.

Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory

Research and establish data standards, data processing frameworks, data release and sharing methods for EEG data centers; migrate existing scientific research EEG data to a new scientific research cloud platform, and quickly accumulate EEG data that meet the standards; develop research cloud-based Brain-computer interface research; forming an EEG data alliance.

Brain and Medical Research Laboratory

Carry out clinical medical research related to brain machines, including:

(1) Application of epilepsy detection and auxiliary diagnosis model

(2) Use neurofeedback in the rehabilitation of stroke patients

Brain and Health Research Office

Focus on research work related to EEG and sleep. Sleep is a major problem that plagues people's normal life, and the use of EEG to monitor and evaluate sleep quality is the most effective method. The processing level of sleep big data will directly promote the progress of sleep research.

Brain and Intelligence Education Research Room

One of the purposes of education is to develop the potential of the brain and improve the efficiency of learning and work. The research center will explore the application of brain-computer technology in education. Comprehensive evaluation and intervention of adolescent brain development through technologies such as EEG big data have high reference value for enhancing brain cognitive ability, improving emotional management level, and optimizing the level of intellectual development; and based on EEG and cognitive behavior big data The research will also provide a new research direction for the development of smart education.

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