Central Instrument Platform of the Institute of Immunology-School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

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Central Instrument Platform of the Institute of Immunology


The central instrument platform of the Institute of Immunology is mainly supported by the 985 special funds of Tsinghua University to build a multi-functional service platform with a streaming platform as the core and a variety of biological-related large-scale instruments as supplements. Dr. Wu Longyan, an assistant researcher at the medical school, is the platform leader, and two technicians, Wang Yue and Zhou Xiuyu, are responsible for the daily maintenance and technical training of the instrument. The entire instrument platform is aimed at "providing convenient services for users". Teachers and students of the immunization institute can freely make appointments to use the instruments after they have undergone instrument training and obtained qualification certification.

The flow cytometer is the core instrument of the central platform. The center is equipped with 5 cell analyzers (1 BD LSR II SORP, 2 BD LSRFortessa SORP series, 1 BD Symphony SORP 5 laser 28-color high-end multicolor flow cytometer, and 1 Bio-Rad Ze55 laser 27-color Multicolor flow cytometer); 5 cell sorting instruments (2 BD Aria II SORP and 2 BD Aria III series sorters, Bio-Rad S3e sorter, and Miltenyi automatic magnetic bead cell Sorter autoMACS Pro). The flow platform instrument can perform up to 28-color cell analysis and 16-color cell sorting.

The platform is also equipped with a suspension chip system (Luminex), a digital quantitative PCR instrument, an enzyme-linked immunospot imager (ELISPOT), a microplate function tester (Glumax), an ultrasonic disruptor and other immunological related testing instruments, in conjunction with A wealth of new technology promotion lectures and instrument technology training provide a high-quality experimental platform for the output of high-level scientific research results.

Imaging technology

Imaging technology is the strengths of Tsinghua Institute of Immunology. Many laboratories are equipped with high-end imaging equipment, including: Professor Qi Hai's laboratory two-photon in vivo imaging microscope; Professor Liu Wanli's laboratory total internal angle reflection fluorescence microscope.

Conversion platform

With the policy and financial support of Tsinghua University and the School of Medicine, the idea ofjointly establishing the Tsinghua University Translational Medicine Platform by the Institute of Immunology and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has entered the initial stage. Established the "Tsinghua University Joint Research Center for Digestive and Immunological Diseases" in advance, bringing together the advantages and scientific research achievements of the Institute of Immunology of Tsinghua University, as well as the outstanding clinicians of Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, a large number of pathological resources, and the established patient sample database and information database. , In order to realize the substantive cooperation between basic medicine and clinical medicine, cultivate outstanding research doctors, and jointly improve international status and international influence, with a view to building a high-level translational medicine platform within 10 years.

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