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    · 2012 elected IAMBE Fellow (Fellow of International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering)

    · 2010 elected AIMBE Fellow (Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering)

    · 2001 elected IEEE Fellow (Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

    · 2000 elected Cheung Kong Chair Professor

    · 1991- present Professor, Tsinghua University, China

    · 1988-1991 Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, China

    · 1985-1987 Research Associate and Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Science Institute, Drexel University, USA

    · 1982-1985 Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University, USA

    · 1981-1982 M.S. in Physics, Drexel University, USA

    · 1978-1981 B.S. in Physics, Jilin University, China

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    Molecular Imaging

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