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Tsinghua University Biomedical Testing Center


The Biomedical Testing Center (referred to as the Testing Center) is a school-level scientific research condition platform that Tsinghua University will focus on during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period. It is under the leadership of the Laboratory Management Office. The supporting organization of the Life Sciences Joint Center is based on the school and facing the society, providing technical support and testing services for life, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, chemical engineering, environment, materials, machinery, information and related interdisciplinary subjects.

The testing center has 20 full-time technical positions, with 36 sets of open equipment such as various large-scale optical microscopes, electron microscopes and sample preparation, cell function analysis and sorting instruments, and isotope laboratories and plant cultivation rooms. Electron microscope sample preparation and detection, flow cytometry analysis and sorting, gene library, radiology experiment has unique advantages.

The test center is committed to creating a first-class public scientific research platform that is "international, open, self-service, and all-weather". It conducts multi-level user training and technical exchanges inside and outside the school, encourages independent testing by users, and fully implements 24/7 open services. The test center’s 2019 user questionnaire survey satisfaction rate exceeded 89%. Every year, a large number of open devices have won the Tsinghua University large-scale equipment use benefit award. More and more users have made important and influential research results relying on the technical support of the platform. It has made contributions to the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines.

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