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Tsinghua University AIDS Comprehensive Research Center


The Comprehensive AIDS Research Center of Tsinghua University is the first AIDS research center in my country that integrates biomedicine and social science. Since its establishment in 2007, the center has been committed to carrying out scientific research related to AIDS in basic, clinical and social sciences. The main research directions of the center include the pathogenic mechanism of HIV, the research and development of anti-HIV antibody drugs and vaccines, the research and development of new anti-HIV immunization strategies and technologies, and related policies and health transmission of AIDS prevention and treatment. In recent years, with the emergence of new and sudden infectious diseases, the center has also carried out research work on antibody drugs and vaccines against emerging and sudden infectious diseases. In the research on the new crown virus, the anti-new crown virus cocktail combination monoclonal antibody drug developed by the center has entered phase II clinical trials in China, and phase III clinical trials have been carried out in many countries around the world; the new crown vaccine developed by the center has also Entered phase I clinical trials in China. In the future, the center will continue to contribute its wisdom and strength to promote the comprehensive prevention and treatment of AIDS and emerging infectious diseases in my country in the spirit of bold exploration, bold innovation, continuous self-improvement, and ethics.

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