Beijing Key Laboratory of Immunology Research on Chronic Diseases-School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

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Beijing Key Laboratory of Immunology Research on Chronic Diseases


The Beijing Key Laboratory of Immunology for Chronic Diseases focuses on the immunological basis and intervention strategies for the occurrence, development, and outcome of chronic diseases in the field of chronic diseases that are urgently needed in Beijing and my country and have significant potential industry impact. The laboratory focuses on inflammation-related immune cell subgroups in chronic diseases and the cells and molecular machinery of the inflammatory process, revealing the immunological and pathological basis of chronic diseases from multiple levels of molecules, cells, tissues and organs. The laboratory team has high-level faculty and research teams in the field of chronic disease related research, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 experts in the "High-end Talent Program", 6 high-end youth talent programs, and 5 Changjiang Scholars Chair Professors and Distinguished Professors , 4 outstanding youths and 4 outstanding youths from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The development goal of the laboratory is to open up a new direction for understanding the nature of immunology related to chronic diseases, to become a world-class laboratory in the field of inflammatory biology of chronic diseases, to promote the accumulation of theoretical knowledge and high-tech in this frontier discipline in our city, and to provide innovative drug research and development. Important support.

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