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The Second Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University


Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University (Tsinghua University Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) is a tertiary hospital of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, located at No. 5 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing.

After years of construction, the hospital has formed neurosurgery (pediatric neurosurgery, spinal cord spine, epilepsy, functional neurosurgery, brain tumors, neuroelectrophysiology, cerebrovascular disease), obstetrics and gynecology, mental health, stomatology, neurology, and cadres Discipline layout and medical characteristics of medical department, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and health examination.

The hospital undertakes school teaching tasks and postgraduate training tasks. Lead the organization of neuropsychological system courses according to the "organization-organ-system" level, and lead the organization of integrated Chinese medicine courses according to the "human-society-environment" level. Currently, the school undertakes 3 general courses for undergraduates, 2 courses for eight-year medical students, 5 courses for doctoral and master's degree students in clinical medical school, and 5 courses for postgraduates in the field of medicine-industry integration. The hospital currently has 4 professors and 4 associate professors in the school's clinical medical school. Since 2018, the hospital has trained 2 doctoral students, 1-2 master students, and 1 postdoctoral fellow for the medical school every year. Host the English magazine "Brain Science Advances".

At present, the hospital is innovating the model and characteristics of building integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospitals in comprehensive universities in accordance with the construction requirements of integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospitals and the mission of the school to affiliated hospitals, and strives to build the hospital into a public welfare, teaching and research type, open and modern The integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital with Tsinghua characteristics.

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