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LIU, Ran

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    2007-Present Assistant Professor,Tsinghua University

    2010-2011 Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

    2005-2007 Postdoctoral Reseacher, Tsinghua University

    2000-2005 Ph.D. & M.S., Tsinghua University

    1996-2000 B.S., Tianjing University.

Our research focuses on the development of the biomedical microsystems. We seek to understand and use interesting characteristics of biomaterials as the bridge between MEMS and biomedicine. Our aim is to develop novel bio-integrated microsystems and new micromachining approaches through the combinations of the micro/nano materials and structures and biomaterials using for the applications of biomedical sensing, drug delivery, high-throughput drug screening and assisted reproduction.

1. Microsystem for drug delivery

2. Microfluidic chip technology for medical application

3. In vitro fertilization technology on a chip

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