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The Only Education Program Aiming at Equipping Physician Scientists with International Perspective

The idea of Physician Scientists has been deeply rooted in people’s mind in developed countries. Capable of innovation, handling difficulties, and guiding the development of modern medical research, physician scientists acting as leaders, not only judged by nobility of medical ethics, also being known for remarkable clinical skills. At present, the Tsinghua MD Program aims at cultivating our own physician scientists as the only medical education program in China.

The Only Education Program for Future Leaders in Medicine & Health Care

The “3+2+3” mode consists of 3-period study which is an unprecedented breakthrough adopted by Tsinghua MD Program. In the first 3 years, students enrolled at Tsinghua MD Program will take the basic courses including humanities & social science, natural science, and life science. Afterwards, students will study overseas at top-notch medical school to complete a 2-year professional medical research training. To date, students are eligible to go to School of Medicine with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center or Melbourne Medical School - University of Melbourne, since both medical schools above have signed agreements on this program. After they come back to Tsinghua, those students will accomplish a 3-year clerkship at Peking union medical college hospital.

The Unique Teaching Environment Incorporate in the Multidiscipline University

Over 100 years, medical school in China has been developing independently. Located in the beautiful Tsinghua Park, Tsinghua MD Program makes it possible to enable our students to live with diversity. Sharing the top education resources, we could cultivate our medical talents with a multidiscipline dimension.

The Only Research Training Program with International Dual Supervising

Each student supported by Tsinghua MD Program will be guided by a new tutor who comes from foreign medical school during 2-year study overseas, while he/she is still under the supervision of his/her domestic tutor. The “International Dual Tutorial System” helps students moving forward to the second phase of the program; it is also beneficial for students to develop clinical practice skills.