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Exploring the unknowns and educating talents has always been the mission for Tsinghua University School of Medicine. Our school has developed greatly at different directions, cutting edge scientific research, Medical talents cultivation and translational medical platform, to bring China’s Healthcare to a new level. School of Medicine collaborated with both domestic and international institutes, medical organizations, governments, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs on educations, researches and translational innovations, to promote the development of modern medicine and contribute to “Healthy China” national strategy.

International Collaborations

School of Medicine recruited many senior professors and young investigators, collaborated with top medical schools and institutes, together pursuit breakthroughs in medicine, improve China’s impact on medical research and education globally. We established collaborations with John Hopkins University, MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Cornell University School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Duke University Global Medical Alliance, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Melbourne School of Medicine, in MD education, Post-Doc cultivation, academic exchange and researches.

Hospital Collaborations

School of Medicine is dedicated to establish diseases-oriented research center with domestic and international hospitals, to transfer research results from labs to clinical trials, and respond problems occurred in clinical trials to basic research systems. We have collaborated with many domestic hospitals for translational medicine development, talents cultivation and education.

Enterprise Collaborations

School of Medicine established specialized subject research center with multiple international medical organizations and enterprises, accelerate the processes for solving medical technical problems and contribute to China’s health development. We have established collaborations with Bayer Healthcare, RAAS, Gates Foundation, GE Healthcare, IDG, GSK, JANSSEN, Pfizer, Siemens, Philips, FEI, ROCHE, BMS and Johnson & Johnson.